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Hotels in Bergen

The collection of great hotels in Bergen may leave you struggling to decide where to stay. Most hotels are situated around Bryggen Hanseatic wharf, the Fish Market and the popular shopping centres. This makes for an ideal location giving you short walking distances to most highlights of the city. Some hotels are filled with charm, style and history. While others have a more modern feel. There are a few budget hotels in Bergen to choose from. There are also hostels if you have a tight budget and want to spend most of your time and money exploring the city. Hotels generally become booked out early for the summer months and for festivals. Make sure if you plan on visiting Bergen that you plan ahead and secure your reservation well in advance. There are also hotels situated around the airport if you have an early morning flight from Flesland.


Budget Hostels and Hotels in Bergen

There are a selection of hostels in Bergen. Those who are visiting on a tighter budget, this can be a great option for you. Maybe Bergen is a stop off point during your travels around Norway, Europe or further. You will have the opportunity to meet fellow travellers, maybe ask for advice or provide advice for others regarding your travels. Most hostels offer communal rooms as well as private rooms if you prefer privacy. This can be a great option for you to save on your accommodation costs and leave more money for exploring the city.