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Attractions in Bergen

There are many attractions in Bergen. This combined with the history and charm make the city one of the most interesting places in Europe. You can explore the city on foot and admire the cobbled streets and wooden houses that have stood for centuries. Wandering around the narrow alleyways at Bryggen onwards to the medieval fortress at Bergenhus is known as a particular highlight. Check out the many museums or visit the Aquarium to catch an hourly feeding show with the penguins, sealions, seals and much more. Mingle with the locals at the Fish Market and browse the local delicacies. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Bergen at the peak of either Mt. Fløyen or Mt. Ulriken. Hike the ever popular Vidden trail. Explore more of the mountainous area surrounding the city of Bergen. Take a tour to see the beautiful fjords of the west coast including Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. There are attractions in Bergen for everyone!