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Vidden Trail

Hiking is rather popular in Norway due to the spectacular mountainous terrain that covers the country. The Vidden Trail has become a popular hike for tourists. The signposted trail runs between Mount Fløyen and Mount Ulriken. The trail runs around Mount Rundemanen and also offers a great view of Arna, a small town just outside Bergen. Both Ulriken and Fløyen have cafes with plenty of refreshments available which makes for a great finish to the journey, not to mention the spectacular view you are greeted with. During winter months the trail can be icy/soggy so appropriate clothing must be worn. Remember to take your camera because there will be plenty of chance to capture views. If you are only in Bergen for a short time you can walk from Mount Fløyen to Mount Rundemanen and back and still get fantastic views of Bergen. This trip takes around 2 hours and is ideal if you have a curfew to be back on your cruise ship.

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